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Psalms 129:1 A Song of the Ascents. Often they distressed me from my youth, Pray, let Israel say:
Psalms 129:2 Often they distressed me from my youth, Yet they have not prevailed over me.
Psalms 129:3 Over my back have ploughers ploughed, They have made long their furrows.
Psalms 129:4 Jehovah [is] righteous, He hath cut asunder cords of the wicked.
Psalms 129:5 Confounded and turn backward do all hating Zion.
Psalms 129:6 They are as grass of the roofs, That before it was drawn out withereth,
Psalms 129:7 That hath not filled the hand of a reaper, And the bosom of a binder of sheaves.
Psalms 129:8 And the passers by have not said, `The blessing of Jehovah [is] on you, We blessed you in the Name of Jehovah!'

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