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;qgUuk 3:14 vkSj ftl jhfr ls ewlk us taxy esa lkai dks Ċaps ij p<+k;k] mlh jhfr ls vo'; gS fd euq"; dk iq=k Hkh Ċaps ij p<+k;k tk,A
;qgUuk 3:15 rkfd tks dksbZ fo'okl djs ml esa vuUr thou ik,AA
;qgUuk 3:16 D;ksafd ijes'oj us txr ls ,slk izse j[kk fd ml us viuk ,dykSrk iq=k ns fn;k] rkfd tks dksbZ ml ij fo'okl djs] og uk'k u gks] ijUrq vuUr thou ik,A
;qgUuk 3:17 ijes'oj us vius iq=k dks txr esa blfy;s ugha Hkstk] fd txr ij naM dh vkKk ns ijUrq blfy;s fd txr mlds }kjk m)kj ik,A
;qgUuk 3:18 tks ml ij fo'okl djrk gS] ml ij naM dh vkKk ugha gksrh] ijUrq tks ml ij fo'okl ugha djrk] og nks"kh Bgjk pqdk( blfy;s fd ml us ijes'oj ds ,dykSrs iq=k ds uke ij fo'okl ugha fd;kA



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